Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I sorta put myself on a record buying lock down since my last trip down to LA left me with tons of expensive records and ZERO money. But, I'm heading down this weekend with a huge crew of DJing and musican friends to probably what will be the disco party of the year (last year was a roof top Tenderloin pool party. This time there will actually be a heated pool that doesn't need 6 guys to blow it up). We are all bringing vinyl.

It's like a record nerd spring break and it's going to be so good.

 In reality, I haven't actually DJ'ed a party in a long while. My last night doing it was Halloween and although that was really, really fun, it's incredibly exhausting doing it till 4am.

Also explains after a stint doing a regular night, I needed a much deserved break from listening to common frustrations that had nothing to do with the music that's actually playing and for how draining it is to promote a night on a regular basis. People don't realize it but DJing is hard work.

Right now, I'm into playing tracks early when there is no pressure to get people on the dance floor and you can play whatever you want. I'm more than positive each car full of DJ's can get the party dancing and skinny dipping by the end of the night.


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