Friday, March 18, 2011

Makeout not Takeout

image via sen mitsuji

So I've been back from what I call Spring Break 2011. Clearly I've been out of school for quite some time, but I went with a car full of single, horny DJs/musicians. It still applied.

The weekend went as thus:

ME: I hope they all got phone numbers. The girls Saturday were hot.
KAT: Josh had sex with a girl on the balcony we were sitting in.
ME: Hahahaha. Really? While everyone was gone or when we weren't looking? It has to be the hair. 
KAT: Yeah girls love him, it's crazy. He gets propositioned all the time by strangers.
ME: It's the bad boy thing he has going on.
KAT: A security guard flashed a light on them when his face was between her legs, then he asked for $10 to let them finish.

Guys would get so many more girls willing to sleep with them if they were just more generous. Josh gets laid because girls know he is. That and the long metal hair. I'm pretty sure half the guys we went with got laid immediately. There was evidence everywhere.

I went home with a bunch of gay men. Typical.

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  1. hey at least you made it home girly. are you going to ever be in town soon?

    xx THE CHEAP