Tuesday, April 5, 2011

MM6 Spring/Summer 2011

I'm really into essential wardrobing. I like the idea of having a small arsenal of simple, streamlined, versatile pieces that are on a regular two week rotation. I want them to all go together, to fit into one single suitcase for travel and 5 pairs of shoes max. So hard!

In reality, I only wear about 30% of my clothes on a regular basis and only really love about 10% of it. I think I dress the same everyday and I'm so lazy, I can barely put bottoms on in the morning. Everything else is just passing by before it gets recycled into the circulation of buy/sell/trade consignment vintage shops, goodwill donations and ebay. I do not need fillers.

I wrote a posting about how I, like many people, have fallen into the loop of heavy mass consumption through boredom and the constant battle with that voice in our head that says I want I want I want.
I deleted that posting and I regret it. It is the truth. Why don't people share the cultural truth on their blogs about fashion?

Clothing is a medium about craftsmanship, creativity and it can be an affordable, everyday expression we all have access to in some mean or another. We should control it, it does not control us. I think I can forget that sometimes and I get lost in that high from buy buy buying. It feels good. It works for that moment. It is so temporary.

Fortunately, I haven't stepped into a Forever 21 in, like 3 years. I think H&M have gotten lost in a sea of bad 90's floral prints and maxi dresses. Zara thankfully doesn't fit. I don't shop at the mall. There is still time. I can be saved.

I digress though.

I like MM6 this season. It is all about essentials.

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  1. A little late saying this but I am going to DIY an octagon sweater damn it.

    xx THE CHEAP