Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Old Man

I've always had a strong affection for an old man with a good uniform. There is an army of thin, elderly Chinese men, sitting cross-legged in the park. At 7-730 in the morning they do Tai Chi in front of the De Young Museum with their wives and friends. They all wear crisply ironed, white short-sleeve shirts with navy chinos, gold buckled belts and worn, but recently polished shoes. Sometimes they wear a fedora. Most have a cane. They all lived their youth in the 60s.

I like that they smile when I walk by. Maybe I look like their grand kids or maybe I look like a girl they used to date back in 1961. Whatever it is, they make my day and I make theirs.

I really like Bill Cunningham's uniform. Blue street sweeper shirt from Paris, khaki chinos and orthopedic shoes. It is so no-nonsense and you know he knows more about fashion then you could ever learn in one lifetime. He doesn't need to be on trend.

He has definitely inspired me to wear more blue too.

Finally had the chance to see the new documentary on him and it was so unbelievably good. It  is about real, honest, positive fashion journalism. Everyone in the audience cheered with me like we were at a baseball game. All we wanted to do was hug the man. 


  1. Ah, positive fashion journalism. It's pretty much like hunting for unicorns, no? And I've always loved this song. Ugh, the passion and feeling in his voice. It's practically a spiritual experience.

    xx THE CHEAP

  2. Wow just watched the Bill Cunningham clip you put up. ABSOLUTELY...ah there's not even words. He's just so...PURE.

  3. Where or where can I find a blue shirt like he wears this side of the pond?

  4. If you have a source for the Cunningham blue shirt, please email me: katkeating@postcardsfromthepearl.com