Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No Sweat


I'm on this hardcore month-long hunt for the perfect heather grey sweatshirt. I'm only dressing for comfort these days. The thought of putting super skinny pants, or pants at all, sounds like too much work. Plus, I have this Life Magazine photo of Paul Newman on a boat in my mind. Grey sweatshirt flapping in the wind. White slacks and socks. Beer. Dirty sneakers. It haunts me. It looks so effortless. So clean and simple.

A decent sweatshirt has to feel really plush, lux and have a good design approach (even if I'm just going to pass out on the couch, while watching Netflix instant episodes of SVU, until I wake at 4am in the damn thing). Here are some possibilities I'm considering:

Acne silk back cropped sweatshirt. I have a bit of a weakness for the simplicity of this and I know that this would be kicking around the closet for a long time. Should I go for practicality or should I get something a little more interesting?

MM6 cut-out octagon sweatshirt. I think this is my first choice, although being a small a person, I don't think this would keep me very warm. This is totally something I could DIY too, but why not burn a hole in my already emptied wallet?

A.P.C. green sweatshirt adds a splash of color. Raf Simon's has ignited my passion for bright, happy colors in simple pieces. I'm trying to revive my muted wardrobe with some color here and there. I tried this on in LA and I love how super soft it is.

images via life magazine, acne studios, stand up comedy and a.p.c.
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  1. I totally agree. I've been weening myself off impulse buys seeing as I'd rather take the money I'd normally spend on ten things at H&M and use them to buy one nice thing that I'll keep forever. I really love the MM6 sweatshirt--agree though it's pretty DIY-able.