Sunday, March 27, 2011

Laundering Essentials

theyskens' theory tank, filippa k linen tank, black crane t-shirt, endovanera t-shirt, helmut lang tank, acne pi dress, silence and noise blouse, acne wannabe dress

I'm hand washing all of my current favorites, which is super tedious to do since I'm always afraid of ruining/loosing things in the washing machine. So I hand wash everything. I've also noticed a few things about my personal everyday style that hadn't really occurred to me before.

a) I have a tendency to not listen to practical advice when it comes to wardrobe. People tell me things like  don't wear navy with black (lies!) and to buy cheap basics, fill in the rest with good quality designer clothing and to spend more on shoes.

I wear white often when it's cold, spend obscene amounts on t-shirts (once you go lux, even American Apparel will feel scratchy) and I never, ever spend a ton of money on shoes (in San Francisco or any other big city where walking is the main mode of transport, shoes will be completely destroyed within the month).

b) I wear a lot of neutral, often muted colors.

c) I only wear things that are either mildly la garconne (men's t-shirts and sweaters) or extremely feminine. For example, I really like Band of Outsiders women's lines, Boy. and Girl. But I'm pretty sure I would only really wear Girl. since in Boy. I look like a complete dike. If i were a lesbian, I would like dikes, but I'm sure I would be a lipstick.

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