Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I'm home alone in my sauna-like apartment while the rain and wind has an unbearingly dark atmosphere looming outside.
I'm sans pants making spicy curry sauce while watching my kitties sweat in their fur coats to Larry Heard (aka Mr. Fingers) records. I'm so thankful I have a steam-heated, Victorian apartment with huge closets and excellent insulation (I also have the best 60-year-old building manager who keeps our building in the most pristine condition).

Something about the music, the rain outside, the mucho picante spices and the warm air in my place has me thinking about one thing and one thing alone...SEX. Too bad my baby daddy is on a work trip.

A few things I'm finding sexy at this moment:




 images via tumblr

1. Peek-a-boo tits
2. Eggs
3. Pancakes
4. Leaving the skin on the potatoes
5. Bengal kitties. LOL! 


  1. Who is that girl with the pancakes?! I'm dying to know, she is stunning. Also, I have been trawling your blog (not obvious at all...), found off kim's thecheapblog and I'm kind of excited to have discovered such a gem. Cant really put my finger on why but it must be something to do with your honesty/personality, and the refreshingly eclectic bunch of photos/inspiration/thoughts. Yeah...