Thursday, February 17, 2011

LA, I Like You, Part 1

I used to be one of those San Franciscans would would talk about how much I hate Los Angeles. Then I realized it's actually an awesome place to visit. And I mean visit.

Now this is no Blue Bottle Coffee or Four Barrel, but there is nothing better in LA to make me feel more welcome then perfect 80 degree weather, an iced soy latte and the Times.

On Saturday, I also got to be involved with a video collaboration with Flaunt Magazine and Sirocco Research Labs. This is director Jimmy Marble's inspiration board at his studio. He and his team are the nicest, most professional people I've ever come across.


Since we were nearby, I stopped by Thvm Atelier's new studio space. It is an unmarked warehouse space tucked away in what seems like the middle of nowhere. Michael said that head designer Brian has always had the ability of making a place that you would think was completely uninhabitable into something special and beautiful (this is a view from the "fitting room"). Too bad my camera was dying and Bianca had to close up shop when we got there. I would have taken more shots. I fortunately did walk away with the best pair of hi-rise black jeans I've ever had.


With what little time we had to shop, we decided to go to Mohawk General Store in Silverlake. This place is a favorite. All the clothing and jewelry (from lines like Rodebjer, APC Madras and Black Crane) were completely affordable and the housewares and home decor were exactly our taste (pristine vintage headphones, acid house prints and vintage guitar-picking stools). They were even playing one of my favorite songs from Mulatu Astatke while we were shopping.

Thank you Los Angeles for being so good to us.

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