Friday, February 18, 2011

LA, I Like You, Part 2

So I'm dedicating this whole post to one of the best record stores I've ever been to in my young adult life, Wombleton Records. I've been collecting records for years and record shopping in the US is stagnate at best (so picked over and boring buying). The only time I ever get really excited is at specialized record stores that are designed for hardcore collectors like Groove Merchant in the Haight and this little Highland Park gem, Wombleton. Shops like them are all hand-picked buys from all over the world by the owners/buyers who have the most exquisite taste.

Sorry if these pictures don't do the shop justice. We were in a hurry and a glorious frenzy of ecstasy!

The prettiest custom record cabinets I've ever seen. Most record stores have big, unfinished, beat up record cabinets.

What other record store covers there walls in damask Victorian print?

A few hundred dollars later, my finds from kraut-disco to minimal synth from France.

Wombleton Records
5123 York Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90042

For more voyeuristic fun, check out my Flickr.

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