Thursday, October 29, 2009

MIracle House

If you are a dance music connoisseur, you know that house music and techno wasn't meant for teenage candy ravers and douche bags that work in Silicon Valley. It used to be good, like a marriage between the funky basslines of Funkadelic and Kraftwerk's computer glitch pop. Not to mention it paved the way for cyborg electro masters like Egyptian Lover and Mantronix.
One of it's earliest forms was found in the Detroit/Chicago scene when techno music was urban music premiered on amazing dance shows like The Scene television show.

People just don't dance like this anymore, do they?
The Miracles Club are a new duo from Portland that are channeling Detroit's greatest, like Juan Atkins and Adonis. Featuring Rafael Fauria and Honey Owens (formerly of bands like Valet, Jackie O Motherfucker, Tra La La and Nudge), the Miracles Club play shimmering analog synths sprinkled over the deep, dark, bouncing rhythms. Kid 606 is even a big fan, calling the duo "badass psychedelic afrotech jams."

If you are going to be in the Bay Area November 9th, you should check them out at Donuts' Three Year Anniversary party at the Knockout. All three are amazing performers.

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