Wednesday, March 25, 2009

White Chalk Lines

I'm now on the lookout for the ultimate white suit (though nothing seems to beat this long fringe number worn by Polly Jean back in 2001. It says "Vegas, baby! Vegas!").

I always thought of her as a "forward dresser." She never seems to pay any attention to what other people are doing. It is always fun to see how she reinvents herself with clothing, even if her "period" of music is no longer to my taste.

I think my favorite era of "PJ style" is this one (white dress with her own photos on it, royal blue pumps and an arm full of "CDs")


Check out this video for White Chalk at her home in Dorset. Her black dress is amazing!


Apparently Polly and John Parish decided to do a second album collaboration (though they have been working together on most projects for the past 15-16 years). Here is the new single.

Black Hearted Love

images from Wire magazine, Filter Magazine and Google

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