Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Was thinking about these boys the other day. They are not only talented, creative people, but genuine, kind and generous friends too. I am always thankful to have people like this around in my life. Damon is being the man of few words, but a brilliant man none the less. I enjoyed seeing Daniel talk about Suicide's influence on him and I love how he takes a big bite of a sesame ball at the end! Hope they are having fun on tour :)

I've always described their music to people as BODY music. It's something you feel instinctively by nature, like how the rhythms take you in as if it was the sound of your own heart beating. You can see it too in Daniel's seizure-like jerks and wiggles on stage. It takes you over, physically, like a possession that cleanses the body, cleanses the ears. Their sound is so rich, so powerful.

Here is the most recent video of them performing in Brooklyn

New Guitar via Touch and Go

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