Thursday, February 26, 2009


I can't stop posting this everywhere! The music is so awesome!

Speaking of music, just saw The Pains of Being Pure At Heart last night and they were really fun. I think Daddy Slumberland might guest soon at Jammies too. Doubtful he will bring the new baby (just saw pictures, so cute!). He said he is really into "skinhead reggae" (does that mean ska?)

It's so weird to see kids into this stuff now when some of us were into it so long ago. Case n' point:

Brad Cox of Deerhunter:

"Hey I saw some guy wearing a MBV t-shirt. Yeah. that guy!"


"Hey it looks like a pretty old shirt. How old are you?"

Photobucket: "21"

Brad: "You're 21? That shirt is older than you!"

(laughter continues)

That is exactly how I feel about it too.

pylon rip

A sadder note: Randy Bewley of Pylon died 5 o'clock that evening of a heart attack behind the wheel. He was only 53. It is just as depressing as when Lux Interior died earlier this month. The world looses a great guitarist but his radness lives on.


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