Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bridez Head

One of the reason's Gnarlitude is one of my favorite blogs is that she has great style and likes music, even if it isn't my taste at all. It's something my friend Piper and I find rare when it comes to other women into fashion.
Bridez is from my town, a place where noise and indie pop is seaped into the ears of almost every San Franciscan. Being Californians, you would thing these kids would like surf punk, Royal Trux, Ariel Pink, and fuzzed out garage instead of granola rock. Bridez aren't as good as my friends Mi Ami, but at least they seem to be having fun with what they are doing.

They have Thorn from So So Many White White Tigers and it's weird to see how the 90's is coming back fast and hard.

rolling stoned from ben poster on Vimeo.

Here is another version :)

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