Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bang Bang Bang

Need to take a trip to bang trim land, badly. I ran into my friend Darine when I was djing at the Castle on Thursday. She's been going to hair school and lives just down the street from me. I think I have to get her to trim my hair since I can't get an appointment with my regular stylist (sorry Michelle!)

A lot of people don't understand Asian hair (yes this is a generalization, but it is true). There are two types: flat, slick straight hair and what I have, HEAVY, wavy, thick hair. White people and European foreigners always approach me asking where I got my professional-looking extensions. I usually smile politely and tell them that it is all real, all me, all Bun. Then they feel that it's an opening to touch my hair. Wow!

Never go to Public Salon for a trim. They will give you mullet head (Mill Valley has the best stylist in the world anyway)


I've had long locks down to the small of my back for years.

december/january paris vogue 2009

I'm wondering if it is time for a dramatic change (though my current Jerry Hall do is still loved).

For inspiration, I look to my Asian sisters (because they understand):


This girl's bangs are powerful. I had this do as a child and in High School, but it was way shorter.

I've thought about becoming a strawberry blonde. This girl looks stunning with blondish hair, but there is no way I want to fry my hair.

Extreme Berlinian/punk/adult Christiane F/Dellal partial shaved head.

The Swedes got it right too:


Chop it all off. I think this would be too intense. I haven't had hair like this since I was 18.

Any suggestions?

Images from google, December/January issue of Paris Vogue, Dropsnap, Arvida

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