Friday, November 14, 2008

La-La La La-La-Lah, Part Time Punks!

So this weekend Michael, Andrew and I are heading down to Los Angeles for the first annual Part Time Punks Fest. And who's going to be playing there, you ask? Besides some of my all time favorite legends, like A Certain Ratio, Pylon, Medium Medium, etc, a few of my favorite contemporary punksters will be gracing the stage at Echoplex too (Vivian Girls who are amazing live, Mika Miko, NODZZZ, Love is All).

I can't wait to see everyone down there too like Piper, Cisco and the gang and all of those sweet Echo Park kids that I have gotten to know and love while Michael was living there. And the thrift shops down south are less picked over as in SF. I'll try to post pictures of all our antics soon. It should be pretty fun.

Television Personalities - Part Time Punks

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