Thursday, March 3, 2011




Soma Magazine Spring 2011
photog: Billy Kidd

 "He or she is well traveled and educated; has values but also loves to be challenged and take risks; someone who gets bored easily and has humor, too; someone who is not so loud; someone strong." - Siki Im on his audience.
I love Men's Fashion Week, far greater than any of the women's shows. Designers do things like focus on craftsmanship, tailoring and are often influenced by things like novels and recent politics. They are not trying to make something pretty. More like something really thoughtful with a sense of wearability.

I think Siki Im's collection this season speaks for itself in an intellectual, fully realized way, more so then most of the drab looks from Women's NYFW 2011. He is Cologne-born and educated, went to Oxford and switched from designing buildings to making men's clothing. For this collection, he uses some of my favorite conceptual ideas, like my favorite costume on the Alchemist in the Jordowsky film The Holy Mountain, streamlined architecture and Native American prints influenced by pottery artist, Maria Martinez.

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