Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This Friday


Here's the line up: my favorite local band Jonas Reinhardt is playing some sick spaced out kraut, freestyle duo Corinne and Josh Azano are opening with some Miami flavor, two of my favorite San Francisco DJ's are tossing some jams in between and Lindstrom is closing the night in a cosmic haze. It's going to be pretty epic and should not be missed.


Corinne - Dream a Little Dream (via XLR8R)

Donuts Party


  1. Hey girl. I'm going to post your feature when I get back from Boston. Work has been just crazy. It literally feels like my mind is bleeding sometimes.

    Btw- I'm in love with The Hundred in the Hands- Young aren't young. I think you'd like them.

  2. http://thecheapblog.com/2011/02/08/post-fourteen/

    NM. Instead of doing the interview I just featured you. =)