Thursday, February 24, 2011

Armageddon Time (We Are All Going to Die)

Everyone in the Bay Area is freaking out over how it is supposedly going to snow this weekend, as if it is going to be a winter blizzard in Norway. Realistically, if it does, it will look more like Old Man Winter is gonna shake his dandruff flakes over the Bay Bridge. It might drop 10 degrees, there may be light frost, definitely rain and we
probably won't even see a snowflake.

If it does, my Northern California ass is going to freeze to death. I live in a place where we have micro climates. If it is warm in the Mission, it is freezing and foggy everywhere else. In the morning, it's cold and everyone is wearing gloves and scarves. Mid day, sunshine, no scarves and sometimes t-shirts only. After 5 o'clock, wool, mittens and scarves again. One day, it feels like summer. The next, it's a raining thunderstorm.

Because of the unpredictable weather, people do extremely baffling things, like wear flip flops with wool winter coats. San Francisco is where you see many a SoCal transplant wearing a tiny dress with no coat and, hear me, NO TIGHTS. Ludicrous isn't it? And yet so telling of the weather here. We just aren't prepared for a real season.

How do you combat snow anyway?


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