Monday, July 12, 2010

The Lives of Angels

Puro Instinct is the new moniker for the band Pearl Harbor. People kept asking them why they changed their name. Who cares. They are the same band, just ever evolving.
Keep your ears open for their 15-year old guitarist Skylar Caplan too. She can play better than guys twice her age.
Because of these fine blondies, I got to go back stage at the Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti/Puro Instinct show at Bimbo's. People think hanging out with bands back stage is cool or something. For the only few times I've done it, it's actually kind of boring and frankly a bit awkward. It just looks like this and you are mostly watching friends' bands take advantage of all the free baggies of Doritos and Vitamin Water. You aren't really missing anything.
I think more interesting things happen on the floor with the audience. One of the DJs was playing this song before Ariel took the stage with one of the most entertaining sound checks I ever witnessed. I immediately went back downstairs to listen to this gorgeous song. It's perfect. Enjoy.

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