Friday, July 10, 2009


Remember when I posted this Roxy Music cover by Nite Jewel? Here's the video.

I've been working on my singing voice on and off for a few months. Hopefully, I will reach Ikette status soon. Ha!

Here's a short list of songs I'm trying to teach myself:

*Nite Jewel - Lover and What Did He Say?

*The Velvet Underground - I Found a Reason (VU songs are actually quite easy to sing)

*Strawberry Switchblade - Michael Goes By (Who Walks By Night)

*Tanna Gardner - Work That Body (had to throw in some Larry Levan disco in. Not as hard as trying to tackle a classic like "Heartbeat." I will post more about her and this song later).

*Marianne Faithfull - As Tears Go By, Something Better and Come and Stay With Me

*Francoise Hardy - Qui Peut Dire (a little harder but this is one of my favorite songs of all time. It's fun to play on guitar too)

*Lynn Anderson - Rose Garden (Eno did say country tunes are great for singing. This song is a favorite).

*Anything by Nico (it isn't supposed to sound polished, is it?)

Legend Brian Eno believes that singing is such an essential tool for good health and quality of life. Here is an "This I Believe..." essay from Eno for NPR. It inspired the boyfriend and I to try starting up a singing group and the program ends with one of my favorite Eno songs/records.

See, she gets it :)

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