Thursday, June 25, 2009

4 Eyes


Here is a fantastic article about my current obsession since the Proenza Spring 2009 show. Is anyone else really interested in this history/background stuff or is it just me?


I haven't really seen anyone wearing Yoko/Lennon's (as my friends like to call them). Here in SF, people are still into Wayfarer, but in a 60's mod style with blue tinted lenses and tortoiseshell frames. Perhaps I will see more round shapes later on when our "indian summer" hits. Nevertheless, I'm probably going to be wearing mine long after people move on to the next trend (Yoko Ono has been wearing them since the 1970s, why shouldn't I continue?)


On a side note, I've been returning to Yoko Ono's records lately and this image from the cover of her Seasons of Glass record popped up in my mind. It was the record she recorded after her husband's death and it is one of the most powerful statements I have heard about loosing those closest to you (yes, they are the glasses he wore when he was shot. Yes, that is his blood).

Music lovers say, "I respect Yoko Ono because John Lennon loved her so much but I still blame her for breaking up the Beatles." Let's be honest here, they had a far longer run then most bands and they decided they wanted to do other things. It was 1970 and people still had some seriously deep-seeded racism about interracial couples and sexism against women who "destroy men's creativity." That is where it really comes from.

I think people underestimate her as an artist and as a musician. Yoko Ono was an artist before they met, and certainly a good one. This album is a beautiful and powerful testament of her love and loss.

Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him

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