Sunday, May 24, 2009

Comme des Garcons


Unexpectedly picked up this little gem of an EP for $1.95. There are pros and cons when it comes to record shopping in San Francisco. After discovering the awesome power of Los Angeles' Amoeba, I hate record shopping in SF. It is so picked over and the selections at Amoeba, Rasputin and other music retailers are so lame. They cater only to certain specific commerical genres and labels. Except, of course, my most beloved shop Groove Merchant, which has records that are hand-picked by men of the most exquisite taste.

The only pro is that places like Rasputin don't realize they are marking down priceless disco records that are well worth more than a $2.00 price tag.



in celebration of Ze Records 30th aniversary, venerable reissue label, Strut (who re-released gems I love, from Mulatu Astatke and obscure Italian disco, leftfield disco tracks) is tipping their hats to one of my favorite labels. Any minute now, Strut is releasing ZE 30-ZE Records Story 1979-2009. It has a pretty damn good tracklisting nothing short of Strut's amazing taste. Lizzy Mercier, Cristina, Kid Creole, Suicide, the latest addition to ZE records, Michael Dracula etc. And yes, it will also be released on vinyl :)

Here is the tracklisting:

Ze 30: Ze Records 1979 – 2009
01 Was (Not Was) – “Tell Me That I’m Dreaming (Traditional 12” remix)”
02 Don Armando’s Second Avenue Rhumba Band – “Deputy Of Love (Mutant Disco version)”
03 Cristina – “Things Fall Apart”
04 Lizzy Mercier Descloux – “Hard-boiled Babe”
05 Alan Vega – “Jukebox Babe”
06 Casino Music – “The Beat Goes On”
07 James White & The Blacks – Contort Yourself (Album version)
08 Kid Creole & The Coconuts – “Something Wrong In Paradise (Larry Levan mix)”
09 Material feat. Nona Hendryx – “Bustin’ Out (Seize The Beat version)”
10 Garcons – “French Boys”
11 Aural Exciters – “Maladie D’Amour”
12 Suicide – “Dream Baby Dream (Long Version)”
13 Michael Dracula – “What Can I Do For You”
14 Marie Et Les Garcons – “Re Bob Electronic”

I'm too tired to post any tracks right now, but check back in a few so I can share some favorites.