Thursday, May 28, 2009

Girls Don't Count in Blackpool


This is one of Factory Records' most underrated bands (it must have been hard to shine though after Ian Curtis, New Order, A Certain Ratio and the Happy Mondays).

The whole Factory family gave their support to the Cassidy brother's vision in sound (their first 7" "Girls Don't Count," or Fact 18, was produced by Curtis and Joy Division manager Rob Gretton. Their dance record, From the Hip, was produced by Bernard Sumner).

I guess I just thought that with all these talented people involved, people would still be playing Section 25 songs all over Britpop and post-punk clubs today.

To learn more about Section 25, there is a great bio on them here.

Looking From a Hilltop is a pretty epic song.

Girls Don't Count

image from the Section 25 Official website

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