Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You Open My Legs Like a Book

Words cannot express my fondness of garter belts. So I will do it with pictures:
oyster magazine


with vinyl thigh-highs!


Watch V Magazine's sexy 2008 holiday shoot with Coppi Barbieri, full of the best, coutured-out crotches you will ever see

garter the like

garter the like

I don't like The Like, but I do like their stylist (if they have one)


A.F. Vandervorst spring 2009

I know, I know. I could post Anastase spring 2009 till I die!


Beautiful garter maskies for Richard Nicoll fall 2009 show. Made by Linder Sterling herself! I love her so much!

And now...

music to try garters on to...

Cheree (Suicide)

I'm in Love (Jennifer Lara's disco-reggae version, one of my favorite songs ever)

Lover (Nite Jewel)

And music to take them off to...

Nice Mover (Gina X Performance)

Karabao (Lasser Moderna)

images from oyster magazine, v magazine 2008 holiday issue, knight cat and fluxuryb

music from me, 20jazzfunkgreats (my favorite blog ever) and other random locations

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