Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Welcome to Three Girl Rhumba

A few days ago, I was looking through some old papers that I have done for my journalism classes, just to get inspired to start this thing. I stumbled upon some blurb I wrote for a professor several years ago. I’m re-posting it as a reminder of why I’m in this for the long haul, and maybe this whole thing will pan out in the end

My interest in journalism is a deceptive one. I have been telling myself for years that my passion for documenting the lives and events of other human beings is to serve the public with a glimpse of our social psyche and our living history. But now that I begin my journalistic career, starting with this class, I have to come clean.

I don’t necessarily want to be a journalist so that I can cover an international crisis like the South Asian Tsunami or want to travel across the United States so that I can document the execution of a serial rapist. In fact, my love and interest for journalism stems from a selfish reason: I want to meet rock stars. Mark E. Smith, Howard Devoto, Lora Logic, David Bowie, and Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds. I must confess to my professors, instructors and to the entire journalistic community that I am addicted to music.

My love affair with music has been ongoing since I can remember. I played with my brother’s Ninja Turtles to the Clash and the Ramones. I listened to Joy Division and My Bloody Valentine to deal with the awkwardness of my teens. I dealt with my first failed relationship my freshman year in college by crying to Cat Power and Nick Drake. I absurdly research the release dates of albums, I have a massive record collection for someone my age and daily read music reviews and news on the Internet, in periodicals and glossy zines devoted to my secret lover. I am even listening to music as I am writing this assignment (Television Personalities).

Although I am interested in local and international news and politics, my career goal is not to be a good journalist, but it is to be the female equivalent of Lester Bangs. Certainly, I don’t idolize Bangs, I’m actually jealous of his successful career as a rock journalist and critic, but I worship musicians and, like Frances Pelzman wrote about Bangs, I want to try to make converts of the people who read my work.

What I will do is try to satisfy my craving by documenting my obsession with music as a fan and I can only justify it by becoming a rock critic and historian. Female rock journalists are few in numbers, so I also want to break down gender barriers and boundaries that tell me that a woman does not know anything about good music. By doing so, I hope other men and women with my addiction will find support and understanding through my writing.

After years of wanting to start a blog on things that I think are important in music, art, film, and pop culture, I've finally caved. Welcome to ThreeGirlRhumba. Hope you enjoy!

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