Tuesday, August 9, 2011

white mountaineering

My friend Steven introduced me to this line which has been a breath of fresh air these past few months. I've recently taken a break from men's fashion and I'm just playing catch up now while trying to teach myself how to dress like a girl again for my all-female work. I thought wearing streamlined dresses and makeup made me girly, but I'm far from it. Compared to my super stylish, artistic co-workers, I look like a dude in my Swedish clothing and lack of jewelry. That, or what my friend Steven refers to affectionately as a "goth ninja."

I honestly unintentionally feel a sense of outsiderness that I can't quite shake. Something I have not felt since I was thirteen. I listen to different music. I read different blogs and magazines. I pay attention to different runway shows and brands. I'm not very good at DIYs. Compared to the diamond knuckles and creatively clashed clothing amongst the ladies at work, I'm the "boring one."  

Everyone at work wears arms/fists full of jewelry and are up and up on things like pop music and gossip. I'm researching Teen Vogue and Elle magazine just to keep up. I have put together two really girly outfits that I can wear that actually has a print. Though, I've noticed I've been rebelling by not brushing my hair for months and dressing exactly like my boyfriend. Baby steps.

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