Thursday, June 30, 2011


We rounded up some friends to escape the erratic weather in San Francisco and headed up to Yuba River, three hours north in beautiful Grass Valley. It was 95 degrees and gorgeous.
Since we've had lots of rain this season, the water was quite high, ice cold and not ideal for swimming. We hiked about 15 minutes out to a spot where tons of city hipsters and old perverts like to hang out naked. The water was still cold, but the water was far less dangerous.
 We mostly sunbathed on hot rocks, got massacred by mosquitoes and watched while our crazy friend Kevin jumped into freezing mini rapids like it was a heated pool. He is out of his mind.


The cutest DJs in San Francisco.


me: illesteva sunglasses, aa bikini, gap flip flops, nars schiap lipstick. kat: lenny suit, vintage sunglasses, kelly: ray ban sunglasses, aa suit
Probably since we were listening to a lot of nostalgic old-school hip-hop on the way and back, I kept thinking about SWV, one of my favorite R&B girl groups from the 90s when I was a little kid (before I got into punk and Dischord Records). My friend Kat (in the middle) who promotes the best shows and dance nights in the city, said that she loved them too. This is us as AWV!


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