Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm Putting a Bird on Toast

This is exactly what San Francisco fashion is all about. Aging hipsters from SF move to Portland for a reason. It's because it's the same place, only cheaper. And style-wise, both cities are 10 years behind New York and Los Angeles. Mostly because the majority of people here don't really care about fashion.

I actually like that this town isn't full of pretentious fashion people. It makes us all so much more grounded. But at the same time, it's unfortunate because there are so many talented, creative and stylish people here in the city and in Portland (this awesome kid and Stand Up Comedy to name a few). I think that this "bird crap" makes us all look like a laughing stock. But then again, we live where most people don't care about fashion.

I think this show is genius.

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