Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ride With Me


I've been riding a bike here in SF for four years and finding a bike in a 44cm frame that has the classic 1960's French bike aesthetics that I like is close to impossible to find. Fortunately, Design Within Reach may have found a solution that is both practical for the city and has a stylish design.


San Francisco's Design Within Reach is going to be releasing Public Bikes, a series of bicycles and accessories inspired by the urban bike culture growing in Copenhagen, Paris, New York, Portland and here in the Bay Area. I especially love how Rob Forbes, creator of both Public Bikes and Design Within Reach said that the bikes were completely unisex (i.e short lady friendly)and were designed for stylish people who wear suits and dresses (does that mean my skirt/cape/scarf won't get caught in the gears ever again?).


The prices range from $650 to $1200, which, in my experience, is a total bargain compared to the custom, smaller bicycle frames that would cost me $1500-$2000 to build. An affordable price for a nice, new bike means I'm seriously considering getting this blue color (or white?) and replacing the saddle with a Brooks and throwing a basket in front for all my groceries.

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