Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Body is So Fucked, Man, I Just Gotta Move


My favorite SF band, Mi Ami have a new album out on Thrill Jockey. It's absolutely amazing work.

It's wonderful when people you know, people whose work you really believe in, starts getting recognised. It makes you feel good about the human race nowadays, like they are starting to have something that they had lost a long time ago. Something called "good taste" before people with no talent discovered that using a autotone meant that they could "sing" over keyboard/computer presets.

Could it be that people are starting to realise that new music can be created organically with deep roots and intelligent, well-thought-out lyrics/music? That good bands are performers who not only know how to play instruments and put on a dynamic show, but are also people who listen to/collect good music themselves?

I pray so.

Steal Your Face takes those heavy dub, African rhythms that seizes you and merges it with disco, ambient soundscapes and real SOUL. Not Al Green kind of soul. I mean the essence of people that seems to have more value and meaning then anything else.

It's been a long time since I've felt this way about music (what was the last band that made me feel this "spiritual?" Boredoms, perhaps?). There is a joy and excitement I rarely ever feel at a show when I see these three guys play. It is something that is inside of me that simply gets tapped into when they start playing. Could it be my soul?

I don't talk about these kinds of feelings when I talk to these boys. It's fucking weird. We never get passed the "ooh, what record is that?!!!!" music nerd talk. I think when it come down to it, these guys just want to make really good music and have fun.

Forget what it does for me. Just think of their music as energetic, fun, hard music made by some of the nicest, honest guys you will ever come across. Don't think about it. Just FEEL and dance really hard to it. It feels really good. Trust me.


Mi Ami is having their record release tonight at Amnesia with a handful of amazing punk bands that just finished touring the US (Baths and Ecoli). Check them out if you are going to be in the City and come dance with me!

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