Saturday, March 20, 2010

Style Iconoclasts: Suicide


People are always shocked about how much music I know. I don't think they will ever be used to the idea that women can do things like dj good music without thinking that it is some kind of gimmick (I'm still disturbed by the images of Lindsey Lohan behind cd decks). I am especially bothered about how people (even women) will ask the guys I'm djing with what song is playing while I'm putting on records.

Maybe it's a sign we should see more girls behind the decks.


Here is one of the bands that took me into a world of music obsession and record collecting at a very young age. I started listening to a lot of first and second wave punk bands and "indie" bands off labels like Dischord, Factory and Creation really, really young. I think Suicide's music was revolutionary at the time and still influences a lot of bands people listen to now. They also had really cool New York style!

Interesting interview clip featuring Rev and Glenn Branca on legendary band, Suicide, and DIY.

Probably their most famous song, behind "Frankie Teardrop," of course.

This really is our song. I like to play this at the very end of the night when people are piling out of the bar and it feels like it's just the two of us with the turntables. I think that it's romantic in a eerie David Lynch sort of way. I'm not sure if he feels the same.

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