Thursday, September 17, 2009

Your New Release All Over My Face


Rules for making profoundly sexy music:

-HEAVY bass. The more the better (two bass players are more than welcome). The rhythms sound be booming like the beat of the heart, the rhythm of the body.

-Guitar distortion. When done right, it should be swirling around the thumping rhythms in a dizzying ecstasy.

-Androgynous vocals that sound breathy and sultry, like a woman in the middle of climax.

-Elements of darkness/black magic-The German's were masters at this when they perfected cold wave and industrial/minimal wave.

San Francisco's now defunct Fuckwolf had it in a "smacking and pounding" attitude and now Australia's Hate Rock Trio have got that certain something underneath the sheets.

Melbourne born/Berlin based HTRK project are one of few who are able to sculpt minimal, sensuous music that seethes and writhes into the ears. Heavy funk bass mixed with East German electro, a bit of the Velvet's 'Venus in Furs' and polluted feedback have been making me feel really really naughty. Their music is slow, filthy and makes the mouth water and the lips part. I've been listening to this record for the past few months and I've yet to be sick of it.




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