Sunday, July 19, 2009

Oh Canada


"...I really believe in seasonless, trendless dressing. Style before fashion. Clothing is a form of communication and I feel like understated pieces provide a means for more varied expression..."-Clayton Evans on why he makes "tees."

Here is a great interview with Evans for my beloved Dossier Journal. He is as smart as his clothing (of course!) and this shows that fashion can be incredibly intelligent, versatile and fun at the same time. It is exciting that this great label is getting lots of press and I hope that Evans continues to blow our minds with his thoughtful, easy, beautiful clothing.


It was especially interesting to read that Evans made all of the clothing in the Arcade Fire project for Black Mirror. I guess I wasn't aware of the fact due to my disinterest with Arcade Fire's music.


The video is awesome as is the costumes. You just have to put it on mute (sorry AF fans. Just don't think it's good).

Here is the video for Autumn/Winter 2009. Be sure to nab a piece before I do :)

COMPLEXGEOMETRIES aw09 | TRAILER | Various Artists from JASON LAST on Vimeo.

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