Friday, July 24, 2009

Movies With Style: Tampopo


Sex, food, noodle westerns and a little bit of 80's Japanese psychosis. This is my kind of movie! The first time I watched this film, it was in one of my favorite human sexualities studies classes, Images of Eroticism, where we would read a dirty piece of literature and watch an "erotic film," such as "In the Realm of Senses" and "Salo." Tampopo has since become a favorite I've watched again and again.

Here are my favorite scenes:

How to eat and appreciate a bowl of ramen like sex

Old Japan Vs. New Japan politic

How to eat speghetti like a westerner

The sexiest food scene in the film (skip to the tail end of the clip)

I think I'll make a omurice in the mean time :)

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