Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Movies With Style: Tokyo Decadense (Topāzu)


It is really interesting that fetishism, goth and fetish wear have crept up into the fashion world once again (leather everything, garters, harnesses, fetish footwear, maskies, etc). I've always wondered what real dominatrix's think about this (I have a friend in the profession, I should ask!).

I think before girls run to every kink shop they can find to stock up on the latest trend, they should actually get into some of the culture (I'm not talking about whipping your lovers or stepping on their genitals with 8' stiletto shoes. I'm talking about getting interested in the beauty of this counterculture's art).

Anything by the Marque de Sade, Histoire d'O, Story of the Eye, Belle du Jour, Secretary, Helmet Newton. Girls should be reading, watching, looking at these and getting inspired by them while skimming through pages of Purple Magazine. Seriously, it's fun to play a little naughty at times. Sometimes it's even silly.


Ryū Murakami (who wrote the novel Audition is based on) wrote and directed Topāzu, or Tokyo Decadense. This is another of my favorites. People ask me why that is. I am not exactly the "type" expected to enjoy an erotic film about a woman's masochistic experiences in Japan's sexual underworld.


You cannot deny that it is a sad, dark, funny, bold, shocking, sexy, complex, moving film.

The soundtrack is equally as moving (all music is composed by legendary Ryuichi Sakamoto).

This film is not for prudes. If you are easily offended, sckwimish of sexual acts, are too young or think this is porn, do not watch it.

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