Monday, June 1, 2009

Iconoclast: Anna Karina


In this household, we watch movies. A lot of movies (an event that includes: fresh popcorn, snacks, home-cooked dinners, baking, vacuuming, grooming our two cats, sweeping, blogging, guitar-picking). We don't watch television during what little free time we have. I honestly don't know anything about what programs are on. I think that most shows on TV are creating 3 second, ADHD-inducing attention spans (really, pay attention to all the cuts. They are often 3 seconds!!!).

For some reason, I've been going through that phase where all you want to do is get inspiration from films. It's pretty clear that I'm big on anything French from the 60s, especially movies and music. Recently I've been going back to all my favorites.


Due to my love of Godard films, I'm a huge Anna Karina fan (she is one of my top 10 style icons). Anna is what every woman wants to be. She has style, grace, charm, a great sultry voice, a playful coquettish demeanor and near-perfect beauty. I think she is comparable to Audrey Hepburn, in grace and loveliness. I know a lot of people feel Hepburn is a god and that this is not a possible feat. I honestly have to disagree.


This image is pre-Godard, pre-movies. She supported herself by modeling and selling her paintings while in school before she moved to Paris. As a model, she met and worked for people like Pierre Cardin and Coco Chanel, but ultimately wanted to be in films. This is from Marie Claire.

Here is saucy soap commercial before she became famous for being Godard's muse.

anna and Godard

You can tell that Godard, her husband through the 60s, was deeply in love with her during this time and made her the ultimate leading lady (she was often featured singing and dancing in musical-inspired scenes, in sexier, seductive roles or was often expressing deep and passionate love on screen). Her collaborations with Godard left big shoes to fill after they broke. Godard's young wife after Anna, Anne Wiazemsky, was highly intimidated by trying to follow Karina, in the marriage and in Godard's films.

Here are some favorite scenes from her I have not posted already.

Band of Outsiders


Vivre Sa Vie

Perriot Le Fou

An interview featured from the Une Femme Est Une Femme supplements

Her amazing songs. This record was re-released on vinyl. Get it. It's awesome!


She is still pretty cute and a great dresser.

images from my Godard folder, older Anna Karina photo from the Pusan International Film Festival

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