Friday, June 12, 2009

Dude Watch: Fall 2009 Part Deux

In anticipation of Men's Fashion Week later this month, here are more favorites from fall:

Band of Outsiders

Photobucketband of outsiders

Band of OutsidersBand of Outsiders

So obviously Scott Sternberg is as big a Godard fan as I am. His line is named after one of his films and this season's line was inspired by Godard's political extremist period during the late 1960s-early 1970s. I think La Chinoise is one of Godard's most stylized films. Heavy saturation of his signature white, red, blue and yellow are present as well as the coolest looking apartment with the wackiest bunch of leftists roommates.


Most of the men in my life dress like they lived in 1967, and most of them like Band of Outsiders. You could understand why.

Raf Simons



Photobucketraf simons fall 2009


Look at those gloves!

There is something really sinister about a guy in a suit. Maybe I've got the book American Psycho in mind when I'm looking at Raf Simon's work (the book was far more disturbing compared to the movie). Nonetheless, these gentlemen look beautiful.

Number (N)ine





Everyone under the sun has posted Number (N)ine. Yes, it is that good.

Takahiro Miyashita loves punk and grunge looks, but he managed to make it look romantic and very gentle without loosing a sense of masculinity.

I think Miyashita is one of a few designers whose record collections I would actually like to scope out.

images from, movie still from city-slick

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