Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Style Iconoclast: Meiko Kaji


There are definitely reasons why I dress the way that I do and Meiko Kaji's role in the Stray Cat Rock series is certainly one of them (I'm a huge Meiko Kaji fan. Have been for years).

There is so much good going on in this movie. Meiko as the gang leader, biracial girl group The Golden Half, awesome fashion, racism in Japan and a badass girl gang who party when they aren't in the middle of a knife fight.

Meiko's huge, wide-brim hat, black waistcoat, trousers with a large buckle and the white cotton dress shirt is so iconic. This le garconne look echos in other 70's films that has permanantly influenced me (1977's Annie Hall) and other Meiko Kaji films (the Female Prisoner Scorpion series).


The whole film has great style. The end of the swinging 60's for the decadent 70's is clear throughout the film with a mixture of shift dresses, bell sleeves and flared trousers.

knight cat

some Meiko influenced style

Meiko kicking ass :)


And she has amazing records too!

Onna No Jyumon

Jeans Blues

Stray Cat Rock 2

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  1. meiko really rocks! love her music too!