Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mondays with Ann-Sofie


Ann-Sofie Back is returning to her homeland to take over one of their most successful imports: Cheap Monday. That's right. London's hottest designer will now be the new creative director for the commercial brand.

According to reports from Lauren Milligan for Vogue UK, Back is taking over all aspects of product design, except for Cheap Monday's best selling product; the denim. Creator Will Orjan Andersson will continue heading design for Cheap Monday's popular peg-legs as Back re/de structures their clothing. Cheap Monday better have a dark sense of humor. They would loose a lot of her charm if they edited her signature "black comedy" looks (horror stereotypes, liposuction and plastic surgery have all been themes in her own collection).



Don't think this is the end of her own line though. She will continue to show her own collections at London Fashion Week.

Congratulations Ann-Sofie! I really think she has a great talent (she is becoming a fovorite of mine with each show) and I hope this means more success and praise for her future.

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