Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bailey's Charm

I think it's funny that friends of mine find my love of Christopher Bailey as weird. Yes, Burberry has been making cashmere scarves in that famous plaid for elderly business men since 1856. And yes, they certainly are preppy, which I am far from. But I am a huge fan of meticulous tailoring, something Bailey and his team are so good at.

As a young women, and certainly a very small one (4'8"), my mother was a very good tailor, making glamorous tight, gold sequined dresses for herself and little pink floral dresses for me. When she was in college, she took ESL classes co-currently with fashion courses and has been the best tailor I have ever met in person for the past 25 years (she is still to be matched!).

As her only daughter, I am blessed with her petiteness, a small bust, healthy appetite and, thank goodness, a high metabolism. Unlike a lot of my friends who are 5'7" with modelesque bodies, I have to be careful with how everything fits. Most women's clothing lines make me and any small women look like a child in mummy's clothing (and most stores in America use vanity sizing. Don't hate me for saying it, it's just true).

For any small women this means we need to understand good tailoring.

I believe Prorsum has matched my love of good tailoring, good basics and traditional English lady looks with my love of modern, intellectual, forward shapes. I even think that Bailey's twisting of preppy tailoring could be considered punk in a non-traditional punk way (no holes, no chains, no deconstruction. Just the attitude).

Ladies and Gents, feast your eyes on the perfect white dress, black skirts and tailored suits.

I love the menswear circle scarves and chunky platforms with the flowy fits. It looks so polished.
I love twinsies too :)
The girl moves/looks like a ghost. M just got this haircut. So handsome.
I just want to jump into her coat pocket!
The prints remind me of Pride and Prejudice. Handsome Christopher himself is last!

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