Monday, January 19, 2009

Style Iconoclast: Patti

I watched Dream Of Life, a terribly unorganized Patti Smith documentary that bored me to tears and thoroughly disappointed me when it came to capturing her life, her work, her persona. The only thing I really walked away with was a bit of her perspective on style.

It was interesting to see footage of her in the 1960's hanging out with hippies and wearing those famously oversized white button downs, that wide brim hat, the black combat boots and those grossly slim black jeans and trousers. I rewound many images of her wearing what she calls the same uniform she has always worn since she was a young women and finding that the aged Patti (though she now wears Prada shoes and trousers with a men's Comme De Garcon button down) hasn't changed a bit.

Maybe that is what real style is about; the uniform. It isn't about looking current every damn season or following trends of the latest young designer. It is about looking impeccable in some variation of what you would want to wear every day of your life. It is that wonderfully comfortable outfit you would wear till moths had claimed it or death had claimed you.

Here she is, just to inspire.

Looking very girly in mixed prints
Young Patti wearing heels?
the classic uniform (which would influence the obvious Japanese designers that she herself loves to wear now)
These two are actually photo-realist paintings by Franz Gertsch (circa 1978). Amazing stockings and vest, paired with an oversized tee as a dress (yes, she did it first!)

And she inspires other stylish people!
facehunter patti smith
A Londoner from Facehunter


Looks from Ann Demeulemeester Spring 09'

And I think kids in SF (and for some reason, it is so hard for the Bay Area to dress well), are starting to capture this look very well, like my friend Emil who has always had lovely style
(photo from Garbage Dress)

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